National Poetry Month 2022

Check out these books for National Poetry Month! To place a hold online or learn more, go to

Image description: 12 book covers featuring books about poetry or novels in verse.


The Field Library Fortnite Tournament presented by One Up Games: Tournament Details and Rules

Date – Monday, February 15, 2021
Time – 1:00pm EST (queue opens at 12:30pm)
Platform – Xbox One / Series X, PlayStation 4 / 5, Nintendo Switch, or PC
Format – Solos, Five Games
Server – NA-East

Chat / Reporting –

Registration โ€“ย

The entire event will be live streamed at

Participants are REQUIRED to have the following:
Epic Games Account (
Discord Account (

*If you do not join our Discord you will be unable to report your scores! If a player fails to report their scores, they will be given a zero for each game.
*DO NOT share your Custom Matchmaking Key with anyone!
*If you plan to stream, please hide your passwords, or else unwanted guests could potentially join the games.

The entire event will consist of FIVE games with short breaks in between each game. After being eliminated, players are required to do the following:

*Report their score by taking a screenshot of their results screen (you can use your phone) and uploading it to the fortnite channel of the One Up Games Discord.
*Spectate the remainder of the match or return to lobby. DO NOT QUIT THE LOBBY. It may be difficult for you to return between matches.
*DO NOT ready up before the host, it will prevent the host from being able to launch the game. Wait for a message via from the host via Twitch or Discord to ready up.

All communication will be conducted via the Fortnite Text channel of the One Up Games Discord:, and to a lesser extent, their Twitch channel:

Prizes will be available for winners if each round