Poets Matt and Hannah MacDonald visit the Field Library!

Thank you so much to Matt and Hannah McDonald – and to Westchester’s ver own slam master, Zork – for another great day of Slam! Poetry in the Peekskill Schools and at the Field Library!  And of course thanks to all those who attended, and especially those who participated in the open mike.

Some of you may know one of our readers, Judy Kaplan, as the previous Peekskill High School Librarian.

Pictures and the text of Judy Kaplan’s poem after the jump!


By Judy Kaplan

I’m told my choices are obsolete

My pursuits not needed anymore

Where my interests have followed my heart

Some claim I should now shut the door

First there was my long career

A research specialist known as librarian

Helping others find information needed

Is considered by some antiquarian

Who needs help when there’s Google?

Just type it in and it’s there!

But mostly what you get from Google

Is what you can buy — and where

Truth is research searches from Google

Often only touch the surface

Tough questions take specialized searching

And for serious minds Google won’t suffice

A librarian knows the specialized databases

And complex searching strategies

And can make individualized recommendations

On reference books and fun-filled reads

Can you replace a librarian with Google

I can tell you, NO!

If librarians become obsolete

Serious research would also go – straight out the window!

Then I chose a second career

As a handwriting analyst

Seeing so much about people by how they write

Is a just as exciting kind of information specialist

But now some people are saying

Handwriting is obsolete

There’s no reason to pick up a pen

When you can just text and tweet

But all the science shows

Writing by hand creates pathways in the brain

That set up a brain network for learning

And build our personal brain-frame

Is it obsolete to have a better functioning brain

Where pathways quickly pull together facts?

Or should handwriting be given up

And get the fateful ax?

I believe there’s room for both

Why give up building a better brain?

When writing by hand does just that

Giving it up would be insane

Besides, think of your personal signature

It’s yours and yours alone

It’s a legal representation of you

It’s a piece of yourself that’s truly your own

So getting back to obsolete

Do we give up tough research?

And if we only text and tweet

Do we want our brain left in a lurch?

No, I believe my choices are not obsolete

They’re needed more than ever

I see people constantly getting help from librarians

And I see people buying pens – even fancy ones – everywhere

So who are these obsolete claimers?

I guess they’re those who can’t see the full view

If they could they’d know that technology

Doesn’t replace the great things that people can personally do


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