Read Harder Challenge

Here at The Teen Station We’re looking back at 2015 and heading into 2016? Did you challenge yourself in your reading? Did you find a new genre you loved? Did you find an author you love?

For 2016 we are working to expand our horizons. This year we are doing the Read Harder Challenge 2016. Sponsored by Book Riot the Read Harder Challenge is an initiative to read diversely and expand our reading horizons.

How does it work? Through the year 2016 you read the book off a checklist. Simple!

What do you get if you’ve read them all? Well, hopefully you’ve discovered a new genre or author you didn’t know.

For The Field Library through the year we will be sharing our suggestions for the Read Harder Challenge. Also we will be tracking our readership through Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter. If you want to share what you are reading tag us with the hashtag #FieldRHC2016

We will be reading with that hashtag. Come join us!

Read Harder Challenge



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