Read Harder Challenge Rules

Read Harder Challenge Rules

  1. The reading challenge will be adults (18+) vs. Teens (12-17) 17 year olds who have their 18th birthday during 2016 will still be counted as teens.
  2. Register at the adult circulation desk by February 14th in order to compete for your division.
  3. When Registering please provide an email or phone number in order for updates.
  4. Updates will be accepted from January 1st to December 1st 2016
  5. You may combine categories however number of books read in your division will determine which division wins. You may read from the same category multiple times.
  6. As you update the “Read Harder Challenge” you must update at the adult circulation desk periodically.
  7. Updates for the Read Harder Challenge need to be in by December 1st 2016 . On your last update you will be asked to RSVP for the RHC Party.
  8. Books read will be accepted on an honor system but do not abuse the privilege. In short, no cheating!
  9. During the RHC there will be Readers Spotlights both on the Adult and Teen Field blog. Those interested will have a chance to be photographed with their book. Those who choose the spotlight will be asked to write a short paragraph summarizing their book (No spoilers). The paragraph and a photograph or a picture of the book will be featured on the blog.
  10. Teens who want to be featured on Readers Spotlight will be asked to submit a photo release if they do not have one on file with The Field Library.
  11. If you share this on Social Media tag us with the hashtag #FieldRHC2016
  12. Winners will be awarded a certificate and an invitation to the RHC finishing party.
  13. Have fun!

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