Web Comics- Summer Reading Quick Picks

web comic collage

Here are some quick picks for web comics that are great for some speedy summer reading.

fc55026cfvxpoThe Well by the House on the Hill by Mari Costa

“The Story:
If you haven’t read anything yet:
The Well by the House on the Hill is about a young girl named Marie who loves umbrellas very much and who was hired to babysit some children in a house.

If you’ve read past the prologue:
The Well by the House on the Hill is about a couple of ghosts trying to move on. Whatever that entails!”

Ongoing. Start reading it here


Hark! A Vagrant 
by Kate Beaton

Written with a sharp wit and a keen eye on literature and history, Kate Beaton’s web comic is sure to entertain those looking for off-beat humor. It is not a sequentially oriented comic, so hitting “random” on her page will give you a great idea of her scope of topics she covers. She does have an index/archive of her pages.

Ongoing. Start reading it here.

Princess, Princess 
by StrangelyKatie

Two princesses, “big-boned” Sadie who’s stuck in a tower, and daring  Amira- a renegade from her court, meet and fall in love on their way to finding adventure and escape. Beautiful colors and soft style, reminiscent of Adventure Time, and a unique retelling of classic fairytale tropes.

Completed. Start reading it here.



xkcd-html5-appXKCD by Randall Munroe

Self described as “a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language,” XKCD is a witty and often takes a black comedy approach to life with moments of light comedy. Similar to Kate Beaton’s Hark! A Vagrant, this is an ongoing non-sequential comic that uses stick figures as a visually minimal approach to their humor. An archive of various comic topics is available. If you like science and math jokes, critiques on pop culture and trending topics, you will probably enjoy this comic.

Ongoing. Start reading it here



Pretty Heart Bouquet by E. Hetrick Jackson

Pretty Heart Bouquet is an ongoing magical girl web comic about a cute girl named Ginny, a mysterious cat named Beck, and a reluctant mentor named Lilly. It currently updates once a week on Fridays.” (http://prettycomic.tumblr.com/about)

Ongoing. Start reading it here.



Junior Scientists Power Hour by Abby Howard

A self-written, self-starring comic, also co-starring her cat, Spoons, Abby Howard’s black and white ball-point style co-mingle with her humorous takes on incidents that happen in her everyday life. If you watched the web series Strip Search, then you will probably be familiar with her work already. Non-sequential story arcs, so you can pick up just about anywhere in the comic.

Currently on summer hiatus. Start reading it here


strong_female_protagonist_cover_sm_lgStrong Female Protagonist written by Brennan Lee Mulligan/drawn by Molly Ostertag

“SFP follows the adventures of a young middle-class American with super-strength, invincibility and a crippling sense of social injustice.” (http://strongfemaleprotagonist.com/about/)

Drawn in a non-traditional superhero style (think less spine-breaking positions and reasonable muscles for bodies) the comic begins in black and white and gradually evolves into colored panels.

Ongoing. Start reading it here


ohs-ch1-coverO Human Star by Blue Delliquanti

“Alastair Sterling was the inventor who sparked the robot revolution. And because of his sudden death, he didn’t see any of it.
That is, until he wakes up 16 years later in a robot body that matches his old one exactly. Until he steps outside and finds a world utterly unlike the one he left behind – a world where robots live alongside their human neighbors and coexist in their cities. A world he helped create.
Now Al must track down his old partner Brendan to find out who is responsible for Al’s unexpected resurrection, but their reunion raises even more questions.
Like who the robot living with Brendan is. And why she looks like Al. And how much of the past should stay in the past…” (http://ohumanstar.com/about/)

Beautifully rendered in blue tones for present story line and red tones to indicate the past, this is a powerful story about life, purpose, and consequences featuring two reconciling partners and inventors.

Ongoing. Start reading it here.


tumblr_ntzxow1bfk1tmwy0zo2_r1_1280The Substitutes by Myisha Haynes

“What happens when three roommates accidentally acquire powerful magic weapons destined for someone else? What happens when the aforementioned ‘someone elses’ fall from grace and public favor in the aftermath? What happens when you’ve suddenly found yourself as the hero to someone else’s story…?” (http://thesubstitutescomic.com/about)

Ongoing. Start reading it here



balderdashhubbalderdash! by Victoria Grace Elliot (VGE)

balderdash! tells the story of two witch girls and their friends in the small town of Löffel. We first follow Georgie, a young witch from an elk ranch on the outskirts of Xalé. Georgie ventures from her home in the Northern Mountains to the River Valley, where she hopes to train under her idol, the baker Fausto. At the same time, we follow the young witch Afia, a young scholar from the large capital city Bakunini. After an academic debacle, Afia leaves her home in the South to go to the River Valley and learn about the mysteries of High Magic on her own.” (http://www.balderdashcomic.com/about)

On hiatus until September 30. Start reading it here


1407001579-vibe20cover2Vibe by Dan Ciurczak

What happens when you’re a witch doctor as a teenager, tasked with keeping things in balance or horrible monsters and mayhem ensue? Baron’s life has been tough, especially with his sister’s disappearance, and life just keeps throwing curve balls at him. Told through action-packed panels and brilliant coloring, the first volume of Vibe is available to read online.

On hiatus. Start reading it here



tumblr_nsbvvcbe2i1qeqkhso1_500Witchy by Ariel Ries

“In the witch kingdom Hyalin, the strength of your magic is determined by the length of your hair. Those that are strong enough are conscripted by the Witch Guard, who enforce the law in peacetime and protect the land during war. However, those with hair judged too long are pronounced enemies of the kingdom, and annihilated. This is called a witch burning.

Witchy is the story of a young witch named Nyneve. Terrified of the Guard, and of being enlisted, she hides her long hair from everyone but her mother.” (http://witchycomic.com/about/)

Soft color palette with a similar scratchy style to Noelle Stevenson’s Nimona, this comic is quick to pull you in and have you asking questions.

Ongoing. Start reading here


Bad Bad Things
by Avery Graham and Alex Semmelhack

“Bad Bad Things is a dystopian horror coming of age story about magic, friendship, adventure and shitty teenagers doing the best they can. Updates every monday and some fridays!

This comic is going to include some potentially upsetting themes, so proceed with caution! If this is a problem for you, our tumblr provides content warnings with each update that needs them.” (http://www.badbadthingscomic.com/news/)

Ongoing. Start reading it here

tumblr_inline_nuu0gitbb01qe2yw8_540Rock and Riot by Chelsey Furedi

“Rock and Riot follows the tales of opposing teenage gangs in the 1950s with an LGBTQ theme! Will the teams set aside their differences to fight for what they have in common?” (http://rockandriotcomic.com/about)

Soft pastel palette, with a diverse cast of characters that kick butt. Lots of hijinks and intrigue.

Ongoing. Start reading it here.

Demon Street
by Aliza Layne

“Three months ago, a thousand doors to another world opened at once, then slammed shut again. Since then one door remains open, hidden down the closed-off sidewalk of an abandoned street behind a mountain of broken things. The only person who wants to know what’s behind that mountian is a boy named Sep, and he is setting off into the unknown.

Three months ago, a girl named Raina came home to find her street, her house, her family and friends gone. She went after them.
Demon street is about the other kids who came through too, and the denizens and creatures they found there. It’s about quests and monsters and magic and choices.”
Ongoing. Start reading it here



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