Hot New Book Review: The Diabolic

the-diabolic-9781481472678_hr The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid is the book you’ve been looking for, but didn’t know you were missing from your life. Perfect for readers looking for fantastic pacing that begs you to immediately start the next chapter, and for readers who like a balance between character and plot driven narratives. Impossible for this reader to put down.

Equal parts interstellar political drama, challenges to authority and the powers that be, and action, with a dash of (plausible) romance thrown in that helps move the plot along, you’ll be cheering for Nemesis as she learns to live in the dangerous political atmosphere of the Galactic Court.

Nemesis is a Diabolic; a super-strong, combat oriented humanoid creature with a singular purpose in life: protect her owner Sidonia at all costs. After being imprinted on Sidonia, she’s lived her whole life as a psuedo-sister to the girl, careful to keep her safe from any harm. She was not trained for court life, but after Sidonia is requested as a political hostage to blackmail her rebellious father into behaving in the Senate, Nemesis is sent in her place. Keeping her true nature and identity a secret is of the utmost importance though, because Diabolics have been outlawed, and any mess-ups that Nemesis is involved with in the court could jeopardize everything for her and, more importantly, for Sidonia.

As rebellion comes closer and closer to being a reality, Nemesis must learn who she can trust in a place filled with two-faced politicians and their power-hungry children. The shred of humanity she feels she has is all that fuels her amidst the danger, action, and intrigue of the court. Her humanity might be the only thing that can save the empire too. Can a Diabolic do that though?

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