Hot New Book Review: Vassa in the Night

Do you like fairytales retold? Perhaps you liked Cinder? Ella Enchanted? But you really wanted something set in this time period?

Enter Sarah Porter’s Vassa in the Night, a retelling of the Baba Yaga myth. Set in an alternate Brooklyn to our own, Vassa is living with her not-so-cruel step sisters, but they definitely aren’t nice all the time to each other. On a night when all the lights have gone out in their home, Vassa is manipulated into taking a trip to the new dancing 24 hr convenience store owned by Babs Yagg.

No one seems to care that she beheads shoplifters, and lately those merely accused of shoplifting, but it’s Vassa’s only option. If she wants to survive this late night errand, she’ll need some help, and luckily she’s got something up her sleeve to help, or more accurately, in her pocket. A living doll given to her by her deceased mother. But are one small doll and one teenage girl enough to break the curse over Brooklyn?

This book reads like a topsy-turvy dream, and is well-paced. It does require a little extra suspension of disbelief, but the characters are memorable, as is the story. Perfect for readers that want a little more modernity in their fractured fairytales.

Check out Vassa in the Night in The Field Library (YA PORTER)
Publisher’s Weekly


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