2017 Books to Look For on Our Shelves



By Stephanie Garber

The first in a two-book series, Caraval follows the journey of Scarlett, and her moment to make her dreams come true by accepting the invitation to attend the distant, infamous, once-a-year production of Caraval, a show the audience gets to participate in. Escaping from an impending marriage, Scarlett, and her sister Tella, arrive at the event, only to have Tella become kidnapped. This year’s production is a game, and the first one to recover Tella is the winner, but if Scarlett can’t find her over the 5 days of the show, she’ll lose her sister forever.

This is a wonder-filled book that plays with themes of love, heartbreak, sisterhood, and magic (of course). Check for it on our shelves January 31, 2017!


32075671The Hate U Give
by: Angie Thomas

Sixteen-year-old Starr shuffles between two worlds, two lives: the poor neighborhood where she was born and raised, and her rich high school out in the suburbs. When Starr is the only witness to the fatal shooting of her unarmed best friend, Khalil, by a police officer, the worlds she has been trying to balance shatter. Starr knows that what she says could destroy her community. It could also get her killed. Will she stay silent?

“Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, this is a powerful and gripping YA novel about one girl’s struggle for justice.” (Goodreads)

Check for it on our shelves in March!


Eat the Sky, Drink the Ocean 

Edited by: Kirsty Murray, Payal Dhar and Anita Roy

What if Little Red Riding Hood wore a space-suit? What if boys and girls were able to turn the tables on catcallers? What if reality tv shows like Top Chef required you to time travel so you could get the freshest ingredients?

This is a collection of short stories and comics created by over 20 contributors from India and Australia  with twists and turns that will leave you filled with wonder and questions.

Check for it on our shelves in March 2017.

When Dimple Met Rishi

by: Sandhya Menon

What happens when two Indian-American teens, arranged for marriage, meet a little ahead of schedule?

Dimple Shah is ready to take on the world after graduating high school; and what better place for her to start than at a summer web development camp! Her mother keeps insisting on finding her an “Ideal Indian Husband” though, and Dimple just doesn’t see that as something she wants just yet though.

Rishi Patel, eager for love and the chance to woo his future wife, decides that he’ll attend the same summer program and meet her. He doesn’t know who she is, and she doesn’t know him, but Rishi feels an attachment to traditions and his romantic notions; enough so that the Shahs and the Patels take a step back to watch as their kids slowly gravitate towards each other in this refreshing YA Romantic Comedy. Perfect for fans who love “opposites attract” stories.

Check for it on our shelves May 30!

Wicked Like a Wildfire

by: Lana Popovic

Set in the dreamy quiet town of Cattaro, Montenegro, twin sisters Iris and Malina have been born with a gift. Their “gleam,” as their mother calls it, allows them to interpret the world in different ways, and then imbibe that interaction into an art. Their mother has two steadfast rules for them: never let someone know about their gleam, and never fall in love.

The twins always seem to find small ways to rebel though, until their mother is attacked and left on the brink of death. Iris and Malina team up to unearth an ancient family curse buried under thousands of years of lies. Can they fight and free themselves? And what will freedom cost them?

Check for this new book on our shelves in August!


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