You should be reading… Iron Cast (Destiny Soria)

28818313In this debut YA historical fiction/fantasy novel, Destiny Soria takes us to Boston, MA in the weeks leading up to the ratification of the 18th amendment (1919/1920). A town filled with gangsters, booze, music, and a special kind of people called hemopaths that can manipulate other people’s emotions, cast illusions, or alter their appearance at will; this isn’t your ordinary historical fiction novel.

Ada and Corinne are two best friends, and both are hemopaths living in a Boston that has recently outlawed their abilities thanks to a certain con they pulled on an affluent and influential council member. Now, hemopaths are going missing, and word on the street is they’re ending up in Haversham Asylum- never to be seen again. The two inseparable girls work at the Cast Iron, defying the laws by performing with their hemopath abilities as a poet and a musician by night, and during the day they run cons to help the club make ends meet. When a con they pull goes wrong, they discover betrayal all around them, and it’ll take all their combined talent, power, and will to make it out of the city alive.

Perfect for fans of historical fiction and fantasy, Iron Cast is slower to build plot-wise in the beginning as Soria sets the stage and recreates the Boston of her world; but once her plot picks up, it continues to pick up speed until the very end. Impressive and realistically flawed characters have been created in Ada and Corinne, and it’s only when they work together that they are seemingly unstoppable. This is a book that you won’t be able to put down as you learn more about the characters, and as the plot begins unfolding and twisting in the story.

Check it out on our shelves, or through another Westchester Library System library.


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