Summer Reading

Welcome to Summer Reading 2019 – A Universe of Stories!

All summer long we will be rolling out new milestone reading incentives, awesome prize packs, and cool programs! At the end of the summer, there will be a wrap-up party where we will draw the winners for our Prize Pack Raffle.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • Summer Reading will run from 6/27/2019 – 8/23/2019
  • Eligible participants must be entering 6th-12th grade this Fall 2019 school year
  • Comics and Manga count as summer reading!
  • Participants can only enter one library’s Summer Reading program (this includes picking between Children’s and Teen Summer Reading programs)
  • books can be reported in-person, but submitting online is preferred

Milestone Prizes

Prizes will be given out through the summer this year! Reading = winning! You choose which prize you want to earn! (These are the prizes as of 5/13/19)

  • for every 1 book read, participants earn 1 point towards milestone prizes, and 1 raffle ticket to be used towards winning a Prize Pack at the end of the summer on 8/26/2019!


  • Tier 1 Milestone – 5 points: participants can earn 1 Airhead bar, 1 rock candy, or 1 pack of Pop Rocks
  • Tier 2 Milestone – 10 points, participants can earn 1 ice cream bar, 1 set of ear buds, or 1 blow-up globe
  • Tier 3 Milestone – 15 points, $10 Barnes and Noble gift card and 1 free book
  • Tier 4 Milestone – 20 points, $25 Barnes and Noble gift card, 1 Hudson Passport card from Spins Hudson

How do the milestone prizes work?

Books read = points, and the more books you read the more points you get, and the more points you get… the more prize tiers open up! Once you’ve claimed your prize, those points disappear though. Your raffle ticket amount is different than your points, and will stay the same, but you will need to re-accumulate points to keep earning prizes.

Any points not used before the Summer Wrap-up Party, up to 10, will be turned into raffle tickets.

Prize Packs

All those books you’re reading will add up! For every book read, you earn a raffle ticket, and those raffle tickets will be used for winning Prize Packs at the Summer Reading Wrap-Up Party on 8/26/2019.

  • Music Pack – ukelele, tuner, songbook
  • Comic Pack – 1 Marvel character and 1 DC character Funko Pop figure, Avengers keychain, Batman mug
  • Manga Pack – My Hero Academia figurine, Pokeball portable charger, Black Butler lanyard
  • Gaming Pack- $25 Gift card to Gamestop, $25 Gift card to Dominoes, Mountain Dew, Doritos
  • Tech Pack – Kindle Fire
  • Snack Pack – Cookies, Chips, Candy, Soda
  • Adventure Pack – 1 Hudson Passport card from Spins Hudson, 1 reusable water bottle

Submit your summer reading here

Report your reading here.