Anime and Manga Club


Do you like all things anime, manga, or Japanese related? Do certain characters and their relationships (or lackthereof) make your heart go doki doki? Want to munch on and learn how to make Japanese treats and snacks? Share your favorite titles? The Field Library Anime and Manga Club is for you!

This club meets on the Third Monday of every month, and our first meeting will be on January 23 since the library will be closed for Martin Luther King Day.



January- Bring your Favorites

Meet in the Gallery on January 23rd, 3:30-5 with your top three manga and anime titles picked out. Snack on some Pocky and share why they’re your favorite with other fans! (Discussion of ships is allowed, with the caveat that ship bashing is frowned upon.)

fruits_basket_box_setFebruary- It’s time for Romance

Come to the Gallery on February 20 from 3:30-5 and learn how to make onigiri, then snack on your creations while watching “Fruits Basket,” one of the most popular high school romance mangas of all time. Bring in your own suggestions for anime titles to watch in the future months too!


narutocovertankobon1March- National Noodle Ramen Month!

Meet in the Gallery on March 20, 3:30-5 and watch your favorite ramen-loving, Hokage-hopeful “Naruto” in action! Slurp on some ramen, and learn how to make your own tasty dish at home.